Needs some revition.
September 4, 2011, 12:59 pm
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If you think that this is about any paper works, it’s not.

This is all about attitudes that need some revision. Some people think that they will not change themselves for other person or to people to accept him/her.

But, the reality really hurts a lot. When people start to avoid you because of your raw attitudes, you’ll start asking questions. Changing yourself a bit will not kill you, dude! Life is permanent. And you are the only one that is capable of changing. Life will not change for you to accept it. Get it?  When there are people saying bad things on you, it does not only mean that they are insecure. Some is just saying the truth. And it’s up to you on how you will handle it. It’s either you confront that person or ignore it with bad words on your mind. But the thing is, will you change or not? I guess, most of all will say, freaking NO!. O-kay that’s you want, eh!

But for my own view of life, you need to change IF IT’S FOR THE BEST. If you’ll be able to be friend with life, don’t go against it. If life seems giving you so much pain, I guess it’s time to accept that changing will save you. As they say, the more you fight, the more you’ll win. But, also think this way, fighting the flow of life is like fighting a wall. It will not move, if only you’ll use a hammer or anything, it will only move. Hammer stands for “bad ways”.

Life can be deceiving by its own way. Sometimes it’s raining and sometimes a smiling sun. But always remember that, you can only live this life by just knowing who you are and things that needed to be revised. Don’t be as hard as a wall.


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