Study Attitude.
July 10, 2011, 7:23 pm

So, it is almost 2:30AM and I am widely awake. 🙂 I just finished reading my 120 pages of handouts. That’s for my major subject. Whew. And I don’t feel to sleep yet.

11AM is my exam. I wish I can remember all that things that I read earlier. I guess not. That’s too many and the topics are almost the same.

I am having that attitude of “cramming”. It’s a one day preparation. Or it’s a couple of hour’s preparation. Whether of this two, I’m totally guilty.  Thanks to Him that even this is my practice in studying, I am able to pass my subjects and be a senior student. Harhar! But I can’t live like this forever, right? But can you blame me? My brain functions much better when I’m doing that, eh.

There are some reasons that this practice gives more advantages to me. First, when I’m cramming, I can easily understand what I am reading and it’s entering inside my mind so easily. I am quickly heaving a photographic memory. 😀 Second, I am able to sleep earlier with no headaches. But I also stay up late with many reasons. Thirdly, I am being motivated to be awake so early so I can study. This is the way I pushed myself. 🙂

But of course, there are also many disadvantages of this attitude. First, you are not totally confident in what you are doing. As they say, “Practice makes perfect.” It means that, in studying, you need to practice advance reading so you don’t have to be overloaded with so many reviewers. Second, because you are only have that “photographic memory”, when the professor try to trick you when it comes to the questions, it will definitely be hard for you to answer it. (Ganyang-ganyan ako, eh.) Lastly, as it comes to your mind easily, it will also come out easily. Unless you’re a type of a reader that even the exact page number can be remember. (Sorry, ikaw na! )

But there are different capabilities of people. If there are born to be a genius, then this type of attitude can never affects their life. 🙂

*Nyay! I need to sleep!  Sorry for my randomness.


July 9, 2011, 12:43 pm
Filed under: EXPERIENCE

Random post ko lang talaga to.

Gusto ko lang ishare na namamaga ang mata ko. 🙂 Hahaha. Saya ko diba? It started right after my duty. The moment I enter our car, my eye ache like hell and it makes my sight blurry.

I didn’t mind it cause I think that it was just some sort of “microorganisms” that enters my eye. But whenever I close my eyes, I feel the pain.

Then when I got home, I just wash my face, wishing it will subside. But still, it’s still there! Crap.

Morning, when I woke up? Boom! My right eye is SWELLING. Half of my eye was almost gone because of that lump. I cannot see clearly. Because of that, I just sit again; waiting for the time to rot. 🙂

Luckily, my boyfriend insisted to go to my place. To that, I started to fix my things, and took a bath.

After I took a bath, the swelling of my eye seems to lessen. Thanks to God. J But my eye is still aching, even now. When my Mom saw my eye? She scolded me. 😦 Why? She is scared when she found out that my eyes’ sizes are not equal. Funny. She thought that I was having a paralysis. 🙂 So cute.

So, I need to go to the clinic tomorrow morning before going to QC. 🙂 Hope it will get soon earlier.

*I just love the concern of my Mom. 🙂 Hihihihi.